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Tree Surgery

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With Lantra and NPTC training, along with over 30 years of combined experience, we are adept at all aspects of tree surgery. Using specialist equipment, we provide safe and efficient services that deliver the results you need. Whether you require crown reduction, crown thinning, tree pruning or emergency tree services, we meet your needs. As trusted local tree surgeons, we regularly work with households and businesses in the Chobham, Ascot and Camberley areas. No matter your needs, we have the ideal solution.

As a professional company, we approach every job with the same dedication to safe working practices. Consequently, you’ll find all our tree surgeons equipped with relevant personal protective equipment (PPE). You will also notice a range of other safety measures, such as signs, traffic management and groundsmen.

The following are some of the main services we undertake when providing tree surgery in Ascot, Camberley and the surrounding areas. To see examples of our work, please view our previous projects.

Consultations & Advice

When undertaking tree work, Karl Loynton Tree Surgeons Ltd provides consultations and advice on what to do with your trees, in line with industry best practice. Taking into account specific tree species, ages, and health, we recommend suitable management services, including which trees to retain.

With many years of experience, we deliver effective solutions and prevent accidental tree removal of protected trees.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common form of tree maintenance and includes numerous services to, among other things, reduce risk, improve form and increase light. In addition, formative pruning provides structure and shape to young trees as they grow.

Because improper pruning can cause lasting damage, it’s vital for only qualified tree surgeons to carry out work.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a common aspect of tree surgery which we carry out to reduce the overall size of the tree. This prevents trees from obstructing or damaging nearby buildings, property or other features, such as phone lines.

Crown reduction is also an effective way to balance misshapen trees or reduce the weight of potentially hazardous limbs.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches. This lets more light through without affecting the overall shape and size of the tree. Thinning also improves the structure of trees in Ascot and Camberley, while reducing the likelihood of pests.

Emergency Tree Services

In addition to scheduled tree surgery, Karl Loynton Tree Surgeons provides emergency tree services for local customers. If you have a tree that is posing a risk and needs work or removal as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer quick and reliable solutions for a range of issues, including storm damage and falling trees.

Call us today on 01276 855211 or 07796 548437 for tree surgery in Ascot, Camberley and the surrounding areas.