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Trees, Hedges and Wind

Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure trees on their premises are as safe as possible. Strong winds are one of the main factors that damage trees, causing further damage or harm to people and property. While you cannot prepare for every eventuality, there are steps you can take to minimise the effects of extreme wind. Qualified tree surgeons undertake services to prepare your trees in Ascot for high winds. We also prepare hedges to withstand adverse weather with hedge cutting and maintenance. In addition, we carry out tree removal and stump grinding to remove damaged or fallen trees, whether they need removing before wind hits, or they become damaged during bad weather.

It is important to take proper care of trees before and after a storm, and you should do so with professional tree surgery. This maximises safety and upholds your legal responsibilities as a tree owner.


With periodic maintenance, you can prepare your trees in Ascot for adverse weather. Our tree surgeons visit your site and advise on the best management plan for individual or multiple trees. This is especially important for trees close to buildings and structures.

Our tree surgery and hedge cutting work reduces risk, ensures long term health and maintains the structural strength of trees and hedgerows. All this is key to making sure they fare well in bad weather.

  1. Reduce Height – Reducing the height of trees minimises the leverage effect that high winds cause.
  2. Crown Thinning – By removing some inner branches and thinning the crown, we allow wind to pass through more easily. This reduces the risk of the tree blowing over.
  3. Tree Removal – If your tree in Ascot is damaged, diseased or at risk of falling, it’s best to remove it before any bad weather, so it doesn’t pose a risk. Our tree surgeons inspect and assess trees to advise on the best solution. We also carry out stump grinding to remove trip hazards and for the benefit of the surrounding environment.
  4. Hedge Cutting – Like trees, tall or overgrown hedges are more susceptible to wind damage. Periodic cutting and maintenance maintain height, health and structure to better withstand strong winds.

After Strong Winds

Following periods of adverse weather and strong winds, it is essential to check the condition of trees and to carry out any necessary tree surgery. Wind can cause various issues, such as broken branches, uprooting and long-term damage.

We strongly recommend having experienced tree surgeons inspect your trees in Ascot to assess any damage and determine effective management solutions. For example, we may advise on cutting trees further back to prevent the risk of more damage.

In addition, storms often result in fallen or excessively damaged trees. In these cases, it’s important to arrange tree removal as soon as possible to prevent further damage and risk. As customer-focused tree surgeons, we also carry out stump grinding in Ascot to completely remove potential risks.

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